Workshop planning week - 5/18

posted May 18, 2013, 9:46 AM by Ethan Shirley

For the past week, one of the biology teachers at the Cangas School has graciously allowed our team to stay at her house. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we met with the principal, Cibele and the education coordinator, Julice to go over our lesson plans. In addition, we observed the classrooms in which we will be teaching next week. Our team has noticed that the classes in Cangas are more flexible than a typical class in the US. The teachers at the Cangas have welcomed us into their school are more than accommodating and helpful to work and plan with.  

We ran through a few of our lessons with a small group of students at Canagas on Friday as practice for the lessons we will be teaching next week. Starting on Monday, we will be teaching three, hour long workshops in the morning at Chumbo and four more workshops in the afternoon at Cangas. 

This week we will be working with the older, high school students. When we return to the schools in two weeks we will have the older students help us teach workshops to the younger students.  

In addition to teaching the students about the water filters, we will be building a permanent biosand water filter for the two schools. The students will be helping us build every step of the filter. We plan on building one functional filter out of a tambor (plastic barrel), while also having students build 2-3 small (nonfunctional) filters out of water bottles as a learning activity so they can see each layer and its functions.

This morning, we went back to Poconé to buy the materials. We bought two 200L tambors, comparable to a plastic rain barrel. In addition to the tambors we bought plastic tubing, silicon to seal the filters, wood and nails to build the sieves, tarps, and buckets. We will get sand and gravel when we return to Cangas on Monday.  

We got pretty positive feedback from the students on Friday and are very excited to start teaching after all this preparation! Our first real test will be on Sunday when we visit a rural ‘satellite classroom’ about an hour away to give a condensed version of our filter lesson to the adult students there. Starting next week, we will be joined by Mirian, a Brazilian college student who will be helping deliver lectures on microbiology.