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posted Apr 1, 2012, 5:13 PM by Ian Fitzner   [ updated Apr 1, 2012, 5:14 PM by Ethan Shirley ]
Senhoras e senhores,

It's my pleasure to introduce to you the new Water Systems Blog.  This will be a place where members of our team can post updates on our activities and plans for our summer in the Brazilian Pantanal.  We can also use it to post educational material concerning environmentally friendly water purification systems.

So, to start things off, it would probably be good to tell everyone a little bit more about what we are doing.  Right now we are developing a new version of the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology's (CAWST) Biosand Water Filter, so that it can be implemented more easily in rural regions of the world.  By the way, a Biosand Water Filter is a household slow-sand purification system that has a very low impact on the environment.  More information can be found on CAWST's website:

Anyways, the main problem with the current CAWST design is that in order to construct the concrete body of the filter, a metal mold must be used.  This poses a difficulty for rural families who do not have access to metalworking tools.  To fix this problem, our team has designed, built, and tested several wooden molds.  Now, not all of them have been a roaring success, but we have learned from our mistakes and currently have a working version which can be implemented in Brazil.

Our next steps involve traveling to several schools in the Pantanal, during the month of May, where we will teach schoolchildren and interested adults about the filters.  We hope to successfully introduce and spread the technology across the region.  With this technology, locals, themselves, can better protect the fragile Pantanal ecosystem.

This summer promises to be an exciting one, where we can really make a difference in creating a safer, cleaner world.

Ate logo,