Nazare: Day 2

posted May 17, 2012, 6:28 PM by Sriram Yarlagadda   [ updated May 17, 2012, 6:28 PM by Ethan Shirley ]


Day 2 at the Nazare was quite eventful. We started the day with some nice breakfast and started work right after. The students were divided into two groups – morning and afternoon—based on when they had school. The morning group consisted mainly of older kids. We started introducing ourselves and explained what we will be doing with them today. Ethan managed to teach some basic expressions in English as well. We also did a fun activity wherein we would pronounce the kids’ Portuguese name in English. All the kids enjoyed this activity a lot.

We further divided the group into two subgroups. One group was first with Ian and I and we made them screw the mold (outer and inner) together. The second group was with Chris, Grace, and Greg and they were learning about water testing. As the day progressed, the two groups switched activities. All the kids were very quick learners and seemed to be very involved in the tasks – often times fighting over who would be the one helping us.

Later that morning we played some futsol soccer which, to no one’s surprise, we lost. After some nice lunch of rice and beans and a siesta, we started teaching the second group the same. However, this time the group was a lot smaller, so, we didn’t subdivide them. Like yesterday, we played a six on six soccer game on a bigger football field. We did lose, but I must mention that we improved from the day before, let’s hope we win tomorrow!

All in all, today was a very interesting day. Watching kids learn so quickly and eagerly was very motivating for us and all of us look forward to spend time with them tomorrow.