Blog 3

posted Jun 24, 2013, 9:44 AM by Ethan Shirley

We have just finished our first week at Chumbo and Cangas! Phew. Teaching three classes in the morning and four classes in the afternoon was a bit more exhausting than anticipated. At first,  it was a bit difficult at first because many of the students were very shy and hesitant on the first day.  But luckily as the days passed, students warmed up to us.  Actually, by the end of the week any time we passed any of the students outside of school  they would all say hi to us!

With the help from the Alternative Energy Team, we were able to successfully install the bio sand filters at both schools. It took longer than expected because we underestimated the amount of sand and time that would be needed to fill a 200 liter tambour. Now all we have to do is wait for the biological layer to form (3-4 weeks) and the filter will be ready to use for everyday use!

During this entire week, we have made incredible relationships with the students, teachers, and staff. Even though our water sanitation workshops are almost over, they have invited other members of the Pantanal Partnership (who arrive later in the summer) to conduct CPR and music workshops! We are very excited to be able to extend our stay at the two schools! All together, I think our team was very successful! Next week, we are headed to Pantanal to teach at Sao Bento, right outside of Porto Jofre!—more news to come soon!