Study Abroad Programs

University of Michigan College of Engineering Multidisciplinary Design Program
Two groups will visit PCER to spread bio-sand water filter technology to other rural schools, and to build a water tower which will also house a solar system and radio signal amplifier to provide internet at PCER. 

University of Michigan College of Engineering Multidisciplinary Design Program
Three College of Engineering students visited for a month to improve and test a new bio-sand filter.

University of Michigan Graham Sustainability Institute Undergraduate Scholars Program
Three students designed, built, and tested a bio-gas digester, which captures natural gases which are released by anaerobic bacteria as they digest organic waste.

University of Michigan College of Engineering Multidisciplinary Design Program
Two College of Engineering students began a project to build a bio-sand water filter at PCER.

University of Michigan GIEU Brazil - Exploring Education, Culture and Community from the Ground Up: A Partnership Project
Fourteen adventurous undergraduate students embarked on a one-month Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU) trip to Porto Jofre, Brazil to assist in the construction of the school for the community there. These GIEU students considered issues on culture and community and the interrelatedness of these concepts before they leave the U.S. They then took up these ideas again while they are living and learning about the members of the community in this village and this region. They visited a school in a nearby city, taught ESL in the evenings to members of the Porto Jofre community, played soccer, and enjoyed the World Cup all while working and living together during their month there. Additionally, this group had the opportunity to live in homestays with families there, and learn about the rich ecological environment, as well as about the community itself and how people live and work in this remote but important region. Importantly, while taking part in the daily life of the village, the students explored the elements of culture inherent in all schools around the globe, and helping to develop ideas for what an effective curriculum might be for this community once the school is finished and ready to open. This GIEU program was led by Melinda Matice, faculty member from U-M.