Students and Volunteers

PCER is currently working with the University of Michigan, the University of Kansas, and Michigan State University to create a variety of study-abroad programs open to undergraduate students. Current programs are only open to students at the University of Michigan.

Our study-abroad opportunities include those offered through:
Multidisciplinary Design Program (contact Ethan Shirley at for more info)
Graham Undergraduate Scholars Program (contact Ethan Shirley at for more info)

Some projects at PCER that volunteers may participate in are:
• Outreach programs at area schools - to help more people in the area learn about new
technologies, public health and environmental preservation.
• English instruction at PCER or in nearby Poconé - to help Pantanal inhabitants obtain
ecotourism jobs
• Assist research and construction - to improve understanding of the area, improve
efficiency of new sustainable systems, and improve the PCER facility

Volunteers will help out to the best of their ability. Depending on the project, work days
can sometimes be arduous, starting as early as 6:30 in the morning and ending at 6:30 in
the evening with breaks for lunch and dinner. They will have the opportunity to learn or
and practice Portuguese, and absorb the Brazilian cowboy culture. They will be invited
to cultural events and festivals if such events are occurring during their stays. Volunteers
will be required, along with all interns, researchers, and leaders of PCER, to maintain the
premises, help in cooking and cleaning, and perform a variety of other basic tasks.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Teaching English (Year-round)
The opportunity to teach English in a variety of locations is constantly available, as the
need for teachers is paramount in the region. The volunteer may choose to live in a
home-stay (if volunteering in the city) or at the PCER facility (if teaching at PCER or in
the Pantanal)

For more information, download our volunteer brochure or contact