ITAU Ecomudança

In February 2013, we applied and were accepted to ITAU Bank's Ecomudança project program. The Ecomudança program focuses on technological solutions to sustainable development, reducing carbon footprints and improving quality of life in rural areas. Our project will realize a number of our initial goals. We have received funding to spread the technologies we have been developing and testing over the years to a number of rural Pantanal communities with limited access. While these technologies have been designed, built and tested at our base and in lab environments, their impact on communities has not been analyzed. We hope to find out what teaching methods can best communicate the theories behind these technologies, and what technologies are adopted to what extent in these rural areas. We will also test the impact of these technologies with interviews, surveys and quality of life data (including occurrence of infectious disease and water-borne illnesses).

We will be running workshops with prototypes and will be assisting with the installation of full-scale technologies in 5 river communities and 5 more accessible communities along roads. The technologies to be implemented are: slow-sand water filters, anaerobic biodigesters, and small-scale savonius vertical axis wind turbines. Along with these technologies, the theories behind biological water filtration, anaerobic bacterial decomposition processes, and electricity generation will be taught in workshops. Fitting in with the water filtration workshop, teams will take advantage of the opportunity to teach field emergency medicine and CPR / First Aid. Overall, we hope that in these communities, quality of life will improve through the increase in clean energy, a greater understanding of health and preventing illness, and through the reduction in the need of costly conventional necessities.

Pantanal Communities Map