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Update on the Pantanal School

posted Nov 8, 2011, 3:59 PM by Julie Bateman
We touched base today with Poconé's Secretary of Education, Luciane, and the State has officially approved our proposal for the Pantanal School! Opening the school in May 2012 requires five steps, with the above being the first:

1. Get proposal for school approved by the State Government of Mato Grosso. - DONE!

2. Provide detailed matriculation data (complete educational history, citizenship number, etc.) of each student to the Pocone's Secretary of Education, Luciane.

3. With this data, Luciane will officially matriculate the students into the Pantanal School.

4. With the students matriculated, Luciane will draft a contract for the teacher and submit it to the State Government. The State is expecting this contract for the teacher, and Luciane is confident that it will be approved without delay.

5. Once the contract for the teacher is approved, Luciane will approach the Municipal Government of Poconé to provide transport (a bus and driver) for the students.

Our goal is to have confirmation of the four remaining steps before the New Year. We look forward to keeping you updated!

In Other News

We are currently working with another student organization, E-MAGINE, to see if there is a possibility to install internet at the school, and on the hunt for durable educational laptops. Laptops and internet combined which would aid the teacher tremendously in providing a quality education for each student with the varying educational backgrounds and ages of the class.

Designs are also underway for a Water Tower with Outdoor Shower and Recycling Station, a brainchild for a long time and a necessity in May to supply ample water supply to roughly forty students plus others.

We rely heavily on private donations to outfit the school, and greatly appreciate any contribution you can make.