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Rest of 6/08, then 6/09

posted Jun 9, 2010, 9:24 AM by Ethan Shirley   [ updated Jun 9, 2010, 10:18 AM by Julie Bateman ]

This afternoon, we finalized our design with the construction contractor. Below is the basic sketch, moving from left to right there is the classroom, research room, bathrooms, kitchen, screened breeze-way then in the middle there is Mariana’s (Eduardo’s mother) home, and following there is this the teacher’s and researchers’ lodging quarters. We wish we could upload the architects’ 3-D model (it's a lot lot cooler than this diagram) but that would require at least two days worth of internet. Tonight, we will have a sunset drive back to Eduardo’s lodge.

Quick side-story, Ethan told me on one of our first days in the Pantanal that o pôr do sol is the word for sunset, literally the “putting of the sun”. About a week and a half later I was explaining this to the architects who had just arrived, and the three of us could not for the lives of us figure out why Brazilians think the sunset looks like pudding.

Now it's 6/09 and turns out we have returned to Pocone on a paid journey to pick up tourists, and are using this opportunity to make arrangements for laying the foundation – specifically picking up the materials list from the contractor, and then hiring a pedreiro (overseer) and arranging delivery of sand, gravel, and cement (ratio respectively 6-3-1 if  you’re curious). This afternoon we will return to the Pantanal, and tomorrow morning, we break ground! James has told us we need to know only two words for the first phase of laying foundation: Shovel,Dig.