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Phase 1 Complete

posted Jul 3, 2013, 8:43 PM by Ethan Shirley
Phase one of summer 2013 is now complete. PCER hosted three technology projects: a team teaching bio-sand water filters, water filtration, and water-borne illnesses; a team dedicated to designing a functional bio-digester; and a team that installed two wind turbines at PCER. Additionally, we hosted a project to measure environmental mercury to evaluate the impact of local gold mining operations. 

The water filters team spent almost all their time at local schools, where they taught first to older kids and then to younger kids with the help of older kid volunteers. Our team and helpers installed two functional filters at schools. Students will present the filters as part of the semester theme project of healthy living. The teams of local students will, over their winter vacation (beginning in mid-July), take these technologies to more rural communities.

The bio-digester team and wind turbine team spent more of their time developing and constructing technologies at PCER in the heart of the Pantanal. The technologies are still being tweaked and tested.  

Left: Students teach about water filtration at Chumbo. Middle: a reduced-scale model wind turbine is demonstrated at Chumbo. Right: Loading the bio-digester at PCER.

More pictures from this May and June are posted on the University of Michigan's flicker account here: