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Pantanal Partnership First Meeting – 10/2/11

posted Oct 2, 2011, 9:13 PM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Oct 2, 2011, 9:15 PM ]

Brief history of Pantanal Partnership / Pantanal Center for Education and Research

-        Jaguar Ecological Reserve – local partner

-        Summer 2010 – school construction, GIEU trip, MDP bio-sand water filter

-        Summer 2011 – finishing/registering the school, MDP bio-sand water filter, Graham bio-digester



Ideas for 2011-2012

1.     Biosand water filter – Greg Ewing, Cory VonAchen, Micaela McCabe

a.     Design better concrete or steel mold; perhaps work with group from Troy, MI that is currently working on a collapsible steel mold

b.     Develop plan to implement BSFs at 33 other rural schools, focus on O & M

2.     Biodigester – Adrienne Lemberger, Cassie Ballert, Matt Friedrichs

a.     Continue project from this past summer; the system produced cooking gas. Goal would be to design a system for capture and storage of the gas.

3.     Trash Incinerator

a.     Do a literature review, pick a system, and build and test system in AA.

b.     Dr. Musaazi’s design is a good starting point. Thermodynamics is a good background.

4.     Water Tower / Outdoor shower / Recycling station

a.     Model structure in AUTOCAD/RISA/RHINO/etc, do materials/cost estimate

b.     Design solar-powered slow water pump system, energy modeling

5.     Business Plan

a.     Proposal for PCER to be  a competitive program

b.     Environmental assessment of study abroad programs

c.     Close collaboration with the directors.

6.     Internet / Laptops

a.     Partner with E-MAGINE to create cell-phone based system

b.     Search for laptop donation possibilities, possibly through OLPC

7.     Kombi modifications

a.     Hybrid brakes, solar panels, ethanol,  6-stroke engine modification, other stuff

8.     Web Design

a.     We have a game plan and we have Dreamweaver CSS (aka you’d get the software for free), work with us to design a beautiful website.

9.     Fundraising

a.     Open to any ideas, if you’re creative and want a leadership role.


Next step, forming teams:

-        Interests

-        Availability over spring/summer

-        Past experiences/academic background

Julie Bateman,
Oct 2, 2011, 9:14 PM