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May 16th – 20th: Column rebar cages and formwork positioned, columns poured, and a mega hole!

posted May 26, 2012, 1:09 PM by Julie Bateman
The Pantanal has given us some cooler (low 70s) days, and we are currently ahead of schedule, which I think is the first time I’ve ever written that on this blog.  Everyone on our crew is now an expert concrete mixer, and we had just enough sand on site to pour all six columns. As Sunday is a pretty universal rest day here, we powered through tasks on Saturday – pouring five columns and digging our mega hole, which is 5-ft deep with a 6-ft radius. More materials will arrive on Tuesday, and until then we will be building more rebar cages and figuring out more logistics for pumping and filtration.

Ethan arrived on Saturday evening with a SIM card for E-MAGINE’s internet system, the antenna is posted up high, but we have not yet secured a signal. However, we have great confidence in Jim Rasche that it will be up soon so we can put a close to some of the long-standing debates that have been formed over the last ten days among us, including "How did the Chupacabra myth originate? Why did Coca-Cola start Fanta? and What is a bean?”.