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June 9 - June 11 : Poconé

posted Jun 18, 2012, 7:28 AM by Julie Bateman
Our team regrouped in the nearest town Poconé to gather materials for the filtration system, and check up on the biosand water filters at Nazaré, and attend Cavalhada, an elaborate event that people come from all over to attend with a mock fight between the Christians and the Moors on horses, and the burning of a castle that we thought was an accident but thankfully turned out to be planned. Nazaré has a huge benefit lunch at Cavalhada and served over 560 people.

We now have all the plumbing, connections, glue, and even one more float switch - which goes in the water tanks to sense when the tanks are empty so that the pump can turn automatically on again. The float switches have been particularly difficult to find in Poconé - but now we have two which will make life much easier for those working at the lodge.

We tried to head out on Monday the 11th but Bela's tire hit a nail on one of the bridges about an hour and half outside of Poconé, the spare tire had a slow leak, and at dusk the best choice was to return.