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Ethan's January 2012 Mission in the Pantanal

posted Jan 18, 2012, 7:57 PM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Jan 19, 2012, 5:49 AM ]
Ethan left for the Pantanal early on MLK Day, 1/16, with a hearty To Do List. We previously had the lofty goal of everything being accomplished by New Years and forgot to multiply our expected time frame by two. Ethan will be there until 1/27 to accomplish the following:  
  1. Matriculation of all students on Transpantaneria & Cuiaba River into the PCER School. This requires visiting several of the families to take photos of their birth recorde and citizenship cards. After matriculation, a teacher can be officially hired for PCER through the Secretary of Education in Pocone.
  2. Setting up healthcare at PCER; Ethan will discuss logistics for a doctor/nurse to provide periodic healthcare at PCER; starting by talking to the Secretary of Education, Luciane, and then finding the proper officials to find a solution.
  3. Arranging logistics for the Water Systems Team to run Biosand Water Filter Workshops at five rural schools in the Pocone municipality.
  4. Gathering specifications for an internet system that amplifies cell signals, which will be designed by another U-M student organization, E-MAGINE. E-MAGINE has created systems for Kenya, Sierra Leone, and the Congo. Specifications include the best service provider, the heights of the nearest internet towers (nearest is approximately 1 hr drive away), and the average height of the surrounding forest. Eduardo, the lodge owner, is very excited at the prospect of running his business on site.
  5. Providing love to our VW Van, the Kombi. Alot of us are convinced that Ethan's true reason to visit the Pantanal is that he desperately missed Belazinha the Kombi. Ethan has plans to modify the Kombi to make it a green optimally-operating machine.
We look forward to updating you on Ethan's progress.
In other exciting news, Pantanal in the Arb III is in the works - mark your calenders for March 25th!