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Chumbo Water Sanitation Workshops 5/23/13

posted May 27, 2013, 1:39 PM by Julie Bateman
Water sanitation lecture at a school in Chumbo
Water Systems' workshops are in full swing in the rural town of Chumbo. Pictured to the left is Ethan lecturing, in a cloud of bacteria, at a local school.

Students are leading a series of basic engineering and water sanitation workshops at the schools in the towns of Congas and Chumbo, on the edge of Pantanal. The classes focus on the importance of clean drinking water and together they build sand-based water filters. Adult evening classes are currently underway to spread the word across the community. The goal is that the kids and parents will jointly understand the water issues to help alleviate a number of serious diseases that plague the area. 

Check out all the photos*, including adult night classes, here!

*Photos by Marcin Szczepanski/University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Multimedia Producer