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posted Aug 3, 2010, 7:09 AM by Julie Bateman

We woke up excited for our carpenters to arrive, and set off to remove the formwork and find out if our bond beam was permanent. Joao had ripped off the front wall formwork the previous evening, so we knew that at least part of it was permanent. Removal of the rest of the formwork was a bit trickier and consumed the majority of the morning, mixed in with a bit of ground-fill wheel barrowing. After lunch, we started to wonder about our carpenters. Fortunately, Gercione, one of the drivers for the Lodge and a friend of the carpenters, arrived and as he had to drop off supplies here anyway the carpenters had asked if he could check if we were ready or not. We gave him the thumbs up, and tonight he will return to Pocone and send the carpenters on their way tomorrow. The rest of the day disappeared in finishing the removal of formwork and wheel-barrowing dirt – doesn’t warrant much description.


Onwards to something very interesting here – eggplant is always served with eggs, typically sunny-side-up-like egg cooked well-done. Delicious with rice and beans.