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posted Aug 15, 2010, 9:57 AM by Julie Bateman

Today came suddenly – my, John, and Giorie’s last work-day on site. We went out with a (hammer) bang, and nearly completed nailing in all the caibros and half of the roof monitor.

As the Secretary of Education, Lucianna, along works weekday mornings, we will be leaving early tomorrow morning for Pocone so that we can visit her with our updated census data and our beautiful new map of the Transpantaneira and Cuiaba River. Then after a night in Pocone, we will be on our way to Cuiaba where Ethan is picking up a biologist from Arizona State University, Bobby, interested in the Pantanal, and possibly in running a field camp or study abroad program at PCER. Ethan will be showing off the Pantanal to Bobby and his girlfriend for most of the next week.



sad to be leaving our team and the work site, but we know it is in good hands with Joao and Jorge and possibly one more as Jorge will also be departing tomorrow to pick up his nephew in Cuiaba who will be joining the construction team.