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posted Jul 29, 2010, 10:13 PM by Julie Bateman

Bond beams and trusses are on our minds; it’s still a bit of mystery to all of us of how we are going to keep the concrete in place for the bond beam to form properly. Ethan and I have no doubt that the architects will figure it out in due time – Joao does not have as much experience in this aspect of building so he’s keeping a step ahead of us and building up walls to support the bond beam.


The bacteria test for our water samples (bio-sand filter, tap, and well) that had been incubating for the past forty-eight hours was ready this afternoon, and word in the booklet was if our little vials turned from purple to any shade of yellow then there was “potentially harmful bacteria” present in the sample. We ended up with three yellow vials, fortunately not worrisome for the effectiveness of our bio-sand filter because it still requires two more weeks to form the proper bio-layer for filtering – more on the Water Systems’ website. As soon as we locate a UV light in either Pocone or Cuiaba, we will run our E.coli and Coliform tests to see if the “potentially harmful bacteria” is something more sinister.