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posted Jul 29, 2010, 10:04 PM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Jul 30, 2010, 6:53 AM ]

Five a.m. came too early for Ethan who had a date with our three lumberjacks, led by Jico, to find a team of carpenters in Pocone. For a building of our size, Jico expects roofing and tiling to take fifteen days. Ethan’s second goal in Pocone is to find an assistant for Joao, as brick laying and keeping the mortar flowing takes more than his two hands.

On-site, business continued as usual with more foundation laying, more concrete and mortar mixing, more walls, a delicious lunch
with accompanying siesta, and then some more foundation laying,  more concrete and mortar mixing, and more walls. Ethan returned successfully mid-afternoon with Eder, who will assist Joao, and with a team of three carpenters booked to start this Wednesday 7/28. We’ve put in rush order to the architects on the bond beam.

 The other minor detail is getting the rest of our wood to site – part of it is sitting across from a swamp and the other part is about twenty-five minutes into the forest. On Monday, Jico will have the wood all ready for us and by then we will have a game plan for collecting it – Eduardo understandably has deemed this task unfit for his truck. Fortunately, his uncle Fiao (who owns a ranch a twenty-minute walk away from the Lodge) is up for taking an adventure in his tractor to collect the wood in the forest. As the swamp is about waist-high, trucks and tractors are out, bodies and ropes are in – and as Fiao pointed out wading with wood is always preferable to carrying it.