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posted Jul 29, 2010, 9:19 PM by Julie Bateman

Ethan and I stayed at Tito’s house for the night, and his son Maurilo, now just eight days old, is doing very well – he won’t be roughing it in the Pantanal though for a couple months still. After breakfast with Tito and family, we headed to the Secretary of Education with our census data. Currently, schools are on holidays in Brazil – and the Secretary of Education, Lucianna, was MIA but fortunately her very meticulous and amiable secretary, Gloria, was there to help us. We went through the different families, their children with names and grade level, and their locations on the river, with Gloria sorting all of this into a much neater chart. We will return in early August with more census data from ranches along the Transpantaneira (the road through the Pantanal) and from the families further down the Cuiaba River, and also with a map from Ethan’s GPS with all of the families’ locations, the path of the river, the Transpantaneira, and PCER – coming soon. Shocking to us, Garmin (the GPS company) marked the Transpantaneira incorrectly, fortunately we tracked it ourselves.


We also had a chance to visit ConstruMax to order a new wheelbarrow (old one had seen better days), a few more materials for site, and drumroll dun-dun-nah – 7000 roof tiles! Oh and an interesting side-note - screws are rarely used here, so each time we want to order they have to hand count them, and usually only have a stock of one or two hundred of each type.