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posted Jul 20, 2010, 6:00 AM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Jul 20, 2010, 6:11 AM ]

It’s been end-of-Michigan-football-season weather in the Pantanal for a few days now. We’ve doubled up on whatever sweatshirts (Dad, we still have your green hammer!) and long-sleeve shirts we could find, and are afraid that we might be losing a bit of our tans. Not that it’s a great concern to us, but the Lodge is also out of hot water as the sun hasn’t appeared for just over three days.

Saturday the 17th was a big construction day - we finished laying brick for the septic hole, poured three cement columns, finished the brick verandah columns. And Gercione took our broken Makita to be returned in Pocone, and a local expert consulted on site for an artisan well - the biggest concern is high iron content when you dig a few meters down.

Tomorrow is CENSUS DAY! We will be cruising down the Cuiaba River (with five layers of sweaters and our sleeping bags) to gather the final data (names, birthdays, levels of education, and literacy of parents) to deliver to the Secretary of Education on the 20th.