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6/7 - 6/10

posted Jun 15, 2011, 4:26 PM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 4:37 PM ]

For the past three days (6/7 - 6/10) we have been in Pocone, picking up the new team members and gathering supplies for the weeks to come. On 6/8, a team of three engineers - Adrienne Lemberger, Cassie Ballert, and Matt Freidrichs - arrived and will be building and testing a biodigester over the next several weeks. The biodigester processes organic waste - such as cow manure (which is not in short supply) and leftover food scraps - and turns into biogas, which can be hooked up to a stove and oven. On 6/9, Lynne Fiore, arrived and will be helping us with water tests on the new bio-sand water filter, composting and gardening, and an unknown number of other things. Eduardo kindly gave our new team and our larger-than-imagined materials load a lift to the Pantanal.  We look forward to updating on the biodigester's progress over the next few weeks.