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6/25 - 7/3

posted Jul 3, 2011, 6:00 AM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Jul 3, 2011, 8:43 AM ]

A cold streak has come to the Pantanal. We were warned the night before with cold winds blowing in brigades of strangely Michigan-smelling fish flies. Fortunately it was all the same to us for work around the school - the past week has seen major progress in what Lynne has named the "make this house a home" campaign. My Dad, Andy, led the charge in repairing our front doors, making shelves for our very messy control/supplies room, fashioning a fire pit from our previous burnt trash pile, and making a gravel path to connect the old house to the school. The school's exterior and interior are receiving their final coats of paint, and we were given a number of helping hands when a group of five American hitch-hikers showed up on site for their first night in the Pantanal - it appears that our friends in Pocone have taken to sending wandering Americans in our direction. Ethan's been tackling the electrical wiring of the school, and we now have functioning lights and outlets in all the rooms - a great improvement as we have temporarily transformed the library into our dining room - several points for the "make this house a home" campaign.

Our departure from the Pantanal is rapidly approaching - it's been a frighteningly-fast few months - and we now have just two weeks left in the Pantanal. As Ethan mentioned before, much of our summer and our funds were spent on securing transportation for our team by repairing Bela, our VW van. The school's finishing touches are nearly all in place, and it's getting easier each day to imagine the finished product of this and last summer. Your support made this project possible, and all contributions are greatly appreciated.