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6/22 - 6/24

posted Jun 24, 2011, 7:19 AM by Julie Bateman
We have new arrivals in the Pantanal! On the 21st, our friend and soon-to-be filmmaker Kacie Smith joined us in Brazil and will be posting her experiences on her blog: Kacie will be making a short documentary about this project - specifically how it came to be and where's its going. There will most certainly be a release party coming to AA this fall, we'll keep you posted. Today, 6/24, my Dad is arriving to see the cause of our summer disappearances. He'll be staying with us in the Pantanal for ten days. The biodigester team has been awaiting his arrival with bated breath as he comes bearing gifts of a pressure gauge and variety of essential connector pieces. 

As Ethan described in a previous post, our van - the beloved Bela - has put a bit of a crimp in our operations. We have met with the Secretary of Education and postponed the visit to the coming week. Right now, the walls have been painted white with sealant, and once we get back to the Pantanal we will be painting the interior walls yellow and the exterior walls orange - and with many hands the work should be complete in no time. Right now the school is receiving a good scrubbing and the yard a good raking - it's already significantly tidier than any of our apartments in Ann Arbor.