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posted Jun 19, 2010, 3:38 AM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Jun 19, 2010, 3:53 AM ]
Everyone was an animal today. James and Nisha re-measured, re-staked stakes, and re-strung the site. Meanwhile, Tito gave Ethan and me a lesson in fence-building. Good news is that all materials were in close vicinity, and best of all free. We are both now fairly good at not getting stabbed by barbed wire, and we think the fence looks pretty fantastic, the real test will be tonight when the cows return to the pen (which is conveniently right next to our site).

Another task in the miscellaneous category filled the afternoon, re-routing the electric lines, which intercepts our south wal

l. We are first reasoned that it’d just be a matter of moving the one pole, then lack of slack demanded shifting of the line and moving of a second pole. And then the real fun came when we went to re-lay the line, and after many wishful heave’s and ho’s, it became clear that a third pole had to be shifted. James and Ethan are now expert pole diggers/layers and hirable in September.

A bit of hole-digging happened between all of this, and then Ethan and I remembered that we were in charge of part of dinner and all of dessert for the lodge – spaghetti marinara and garlic bread accompanied of course by rice and beans, followed with crème-filled carrot cake. Once the GIEU team arrives, Miltom and I will be do Brazilian-American fusion lunches for our hungry workers.

At this time of the night, we had exactly enough energy to eat dinner and get ourselves into bed. Ethan leaves at 5:00 am for Cuiaba, and the day after that (6/18) our faculty leader, Mindy Matice, and our fourteen GIEU students arrive in Brazil!