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6/06 - 6/08

posted Jun 8, 2010, 8:07 AM by Julie Bateman   [ updated Jun 8, 2010, 8:35 AM ]
On the 6th, we joined a French tourist who works in Chilean observatory for a trip down to Porto Jofre, either a forty minute or hour and a hal
f drive depending on who is driving. Porto Jofre is on the Cuiaba River, and two previous groups had spotted a distinctive jaguar couple. Nisha, Ethan, and our friend set out for the river cruise, and in the meantime James and I wandered Porto Jofre, speaking rough Portuguese with lots of facial expression and hand movement, and then had about two hours of time to spare with puppies and fishing.
Unfortunately, no jaguars were sunning, which for today was alright because Ethan and his friend had spotted three on an early morning walk that I had neglected to join.
Lesson learned, do not skip early morning walk.

The 7th (yesterday as of now), we had a delicious lunch at Fabricio's in-laws ranch of Pantanal beef, manioc (a starchier potato), delicious delicious squash, and rice and beans. His mother-in-law then ordered siestas for all. Well-fed and well-rested, we met with Carlos and hashed-out the design for two hours. There seems to be a code that contractors do not give money estimates unless you ask the question three different ways.

Today, 6/08, Eduardo is coming with the truck that will be our's for the summer, and at 4:00 pm we will finalize plans with Carlos! Then back to the Pantanal!