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6/04 - 6/05

posted Jun 8, 2010, 7:38 AM by Julie Bateman
On the 4th, we had a peaceful morning of breakfast and birding, and then set out for bridge building. The bridge takes you from the cattle yard of Eduardo's lodge to the forest, where monkeys live. The center is about knee-deep, making it inaccessible to tourists. Ethan's bridge was swamped, but fortunately most of the wood was still good, and after a wheelbarrow of bricks and trial and error,

And even better, it's crossable!

And we were rewarded with great monkey spotting - the elusive male black Howler monkey.

On the 5th - James, Nisha and Eduardo discussed building logistics - specifically a few obstacles on the lot including palm trees, curious cattle, and Eduardo's house. Our current design will surround Eduardo's house, with the school facing the road and the field station accommodations wrapping around the back of the house. For more on the building design, check out their blog at