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5/31 - 6/3: Errands in Cuiabá, Poconé

posted Jun 3, 2011, 5:04 AM by Julie Bateman
The past few days we ran several mundane errands in Cuiabá and Poconé, and today will return to the Pantanal before lunch. We stopped at Atacadão, the Sam's Club of Brazil, in Cuiabá and have ample food for the weeks to come, did a few repairs on our Kombi, hired a mason and an assistant to join us in putting the finishing touches on the school, and arranged for the Secretary of Education to visit the Pantanal. Within the next two weeks, the walls will be covered by a mortar finish called reboco and then painted, and the floor will be surfaced to resist water and to be easier to clean. In other exciting news, we now have an oven and freezer that were generously donated by Eduardo, so we can begin experimenting with Brazilian-American fusion cuisine.