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5/31 - 6/01

posted Jun 7, 2010, 3:06 PM by Ethan Shirley   [ updated Jun 8, 2010, 7:01 AM by Julie Bateman ]

Monday the 31st, early morning we traveled deeper into the Pantanal forests bordering the reserve to find monkeys – the four main ones are Capuchins, Howler monkeys, and the more rare Marmosets and Night monkeys. It’s definitely a wetland – Ethan braved the swamps in sandals, I ended up with soaked boots, and we both ended up soaked up to the knees – BUT WE SAW MONKEYS! Curious ones too, they bared their teeth at Ethan and then tried unsuccessfully to throw sticks at us – we didn’t retaliate.


The next day, we had our first day trip to Porto Jofre, and spent an afternoon fishing with locals and discussing the registration and opening of the school. We returned to the lodge for dinner with tourists from Holland, Milton made Brazilian version of chicken pot pie and for dessert we had something I didn’t even know existed  - cashew fruit – poached in syrup, muito muito bom. Afterwards, we went to the nearby Puma Lodge to discuss the school and adult night classes with staff members.


And today, we studied a current construction project in the Pantanal near the lodge, looked at different water pump systems, and then hitched a ride to Hotel/Fazenda Sta. Tereza, where we are now, updating and coordinating transportation for the arrival of our team. We optimistically planned on uploading photos, but the internet wasn’t up for it. Look forward to an album hopefully in the middle of June, when we are in Cuiaba again with hearty internet.


Two of our three architects as I mentioned before, arrive tomorrow night at the lodge. And over the next week we will be plotting out our lot, finalizing designs with our construction contractor in Pocone, and preparing to lay the foundation.


Until our next update (or series of updates), tudo bom!