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posted Feb 26, 2011, 1:38 PM by Ethan Shirley
The "horario de verao" (summer time = daylight savings time) ended today, to the surprise of all humans in the area.  My computer, however, and the lodge cell phone, knew exactly what was happening.  We gained an hour.

After four days' work here, the new pedreiro (Lucas) and I have finished the walls and floors in the two bathrooms and the control room (which houses the battery and main water shutoff valve and will be where we keep tools and brooms and mops and such).  We hope to be done with the bathrooms (tiles and toilets and doors, oh my!) by 
Thursday, and will have started on the finishing touches on the windows and doors on Friday.

Then, to the city I shall go to hopefully meet with the secretary of education (she wasn't in town last time I attempted to visit) and arrange a meeting with the locals here in the Pantanal.  Of course, to get to the city, one must brave the ugly Transpantaneira.  One trip to the city took me 9 hours to get 110km.  It's easy (and 
unpleasant) to get stuck in the extremely muddy road.