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posted Feb 15, 2011, 7:51 PM by Ethan Shirley
After an apparent eternity without so much as a bag of beans to sustain us, Mauron arrived yesterday with supplies.  We were relying on fried eggs over rice, along with my experiments which included homemade peanut-butter with homemade yeast-free bread, both of which turned out surprisingly well.  Today, Eduardo will arrive with tourists, so we get good food (with a new cook and fresh meat) and we get to keep the generator on and therefore sleep with the fan on.  Eduardo's arrival will also give me a break from mortar for a day in Porto Jofre tomorrow to attempt to set up a meeting with the river people and the secretary of education to enrol kids.

The construction, of course, is going slower than expected.  Reboco is not that difficult, so the bathrooms are going quickly; but the windows proved to be extremely challenging and I'll likely be here another week finishing.  

In other news, a bunch of guys from Pocone came on a mapping and scouting mission to eventually install power lines all the way down the Transpantaneira until Porto Jofre, a project that has been demanded by many local landowners for years but which until now nobody has done anything about.  We fed the guys, who were interested in what a confused American person was doing here...  It is said that power lines will be here by June or July, but I have my doubts.