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PCER is located at S17º 06.164' W56º 56.492', just outside of a registered Brazilian private nature reserve (RPPN). The Pantanal is a United Nations-declared UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, the world’s largest wetland, and home to a number of interesting and endangered species including the jaguar, the giant river otter and the hyacinth macaw. At kilometer 112 of the “Transpantaneira Highway” (MT-060), the location is the heart of the Pantanal of southwest Mato Grosso state in western Brazil. The “Transpantaneira” is a dirt highway that stretches 150 kilometers, connecting the small fishing village of Porto Jofre to the small city of Poconé. The road dissects the northern portion of the Pantanal and leads to cattle ranches (fazendas), ecotourism operations, and fishing spots. This distance from Porto Jofre to Poconé can take three to four hours depending on the condition of the road and the 147 wooden bridges that enable transport.

Because the nearest municipality is Poconé, residents must leave the area to attend schools and visit hospitals, and those who lack the means simply do not get the education or the treatment. This trend has relocated a population who would otherwise stay and in doing so has removed those with the greatest knowledge of this highly sensitive region. The region has several small and forgotten communities that lack social infrastructure. A long-term project goal is to reach out even further away from Poconé to include these remote communities in a network of educational and healthcare facilities.

This map shows a satellite image of the area, provided by Google Maps. 

PCER, in the Jaguar Ecological Reserve